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A Perfect Weekend

The life around us, the life we are living, and the life we are sharing.  This weekend was nothing if not full of love and gratitude.

Just after the nooner bell on Friday, Jefe and I hopped on loaded bikes and headed south.  The Ibis Cycles Tranny fitted with a Lauf fork and Jefe-made frame, seat, and handlebar bags is a weekend adventure machine!  Gold Basin Road took us to the Bambi’s trail head where we pedaled and pushed through Hartman Rocks and over the west side of the Aberdeen single track.  Several miles of contouring and rolling dirt roads later, we arrived to nowhere in particular.  And it was perfect.


After a feast of rice noodles, veggies, and canned sardines, we spent the night under the stars, between aspens and Doug fir.  I couldn’t believe that just over 20 miles of pedaling – from the front door – had brought us to such a beautiful and secluded spot.

We slept soundly and woke up with crystal blue skies overhead.  We packed up camp, thanked our special little spot for the views, the laughs, and the comfort, and headed further down the road.  We contoured a few more drainages gazing at the perfect contrast between the vibrant green of the newly-leafed aspens and the hearty dark green of the pines.  Each time we crested a hill a lost my breath at the sight of the valleys below.  We really could do this forever – in and out of drainages, over hills and through valleys; the country is just endless.

Jefe is still gentle with me in terms of the adventures he chooses for us, which is why we got away with only a few miles of hike-a-bike through willows and brambles.  But I always trust him when he says it’ll be worth it, because it always is.  We arrived just before noon to our next camp spot and enjoyed the day in the warm sun, taking frequent walks down to the creek, napping, eating gummy bears, and just enjoying life.  The life around us, the life we are living, and the life we are sharing.  This weekend was nothing if not full of love and gratitude.


Adventure by IBIS!

Coasting home down Gold Basin Road, flanked by fields of lupine, paintbrush, dandelions, and irises, still-snow-capped mountains on the distant horizon, neither of us were in too much of a hurry for this adventure to come to an end.  “How about we just stop at Love’s and turn around?” I suggested.  “Or we can do some reality for a week and plan the next one.”  Good idea.


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