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Inspiration: Part I of Many

Inspiration is all around me.  The way that the sage glows gold before sunset, calling me to get outside.  Witnessing kind expressions of gratitude between people.  A dog head in my lap.  The people in my life.

Everyone I know brings a different perspective and flavor of inspiration.  Last night I experienced inspiration in a way that I don’t think I ever have first hand.  I spent the evening with a friend who has one of the most positive outlooks on life that I have ever witnessed.  She lives her life with the epitome of moment-to-moment presence and gratitude for each of those moments.  She knows with the deepest certainty that everything we encounter is exactly what we need – sometimes it sucks, but the lessons to be learned and challenges to over come are the name of the game.

Living with a potentially terminal illness could bring forth depression, a sense of victimhood, and hopelessness.  But imagine instead if it inspired gratitude and courage; a desire to give and support; to love everyone around you and take life one step at a time in a way that you never thought possible.  This beautiful source of inspiration approaches each ride as a challenge for one. more. pedal stroke.  Instead of comparing her strength and fitness to her pre-illness self, she breathes the air around her and expresses her love of just being outside with a bike and a friend.

Thank you for this perspective, my dear friend.  Every meal, every ride, each smile and moment shared between friends truly is something to celebrate.  Here’s to as many of those moments as we can fit into this lifetime.

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