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For the Love of Real Life

I spent this past weekend with three of my most favorite women in the whole wide world. These beauties are strong, brave, and encouraging. They each shine a special light on my life that helps remind me what this journey is all about.

We live in a time when social media is an undeniably significant part of our lives. Since forever, humans have presented ourselves to the world with the Ego. Each of us has a personality that guides us through daily interactions – that’s the Ego. Useful. Necessary. Part of the human package. And now, with social media, the Ego has the opportunity to make itself famous. To a greater or lesser extent, each of us is creating the persona that we want the world to see. And with the opportunity to craft that persona with filters and carefully chosen snap-shots, reality can get diluted.

Just as the Ego is an important part of who we are, so is that social media persona. And what I’m learning to be even more important is knowing that what I see on the screen – as well as what I present there – is not necessarily the whole picture.

This past summer presented me with significant challenges. This isn’t the venue where I’d like to go into great detail about them, but it’s been tough. It often felt exhausting to just exist, and sometimes I wasn’t sure I had the energy for it (existence, that is). I didn’t know how to acknowledge my struggle when it felt like everyone around me knew me as my happy, healthy, social media persona. I needed real connection.

Making time to hug and laugh and cry and ride bikes with rad women is required for me. We reach out through our screens, but we can only reach so far. Connection takes dirt and tears. And pizza and beers.

pear ginger turnover, overlooking the Colorado River from Mack Ridge


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