Throwing Away the Key



I love to write.  So many thoughts percolate through my mind on a near-constant basis, and giving them words helps me process them.  When I was much younger I kept a diary.  I recorded events, feelings, and opinions in various hard and soft cover books, with and without tiny locks and keys.  Now that I am all grown up, I express myself in different ways, and I’m not so sure that these methods are an improvement over my childhood ways.  Most of the time I just talk at whoever will listen.  I can keep a secret, unless that secret is my own.  I tell myself that I don’t have time to write, but I sure as hell still have thoughts that need to be expressed.  So my friends and acquaintances serve as my tiny books – some with locks, some without.

A few years ago I started a blog…or three.  I didn’t keep up with them because I told myself that it had to have a purpose, a focus, something of interest to a certain niche group of people.  I started a blog about Ayurvedic cooking, I wrote a post or two about cycling, and I considered something focused on yoga and wellness.  The problem was that I felt like a failure when I found my inspiration for the next post outside of the focus that I had chosen.  The real problem was that I ever thought that was a problem.

As I found myself filled with more and more thoughts and less and less desire to just blab them to the cosmos, I considered starting another blog.  I remembered the few posts on each of the blogs that I had started over the last several years, laughed at the idea of starting yet another one, and opened another tiny book; this one without a lock.  I began to write little blurbs of inspiration, frustration, gratitude.  I explored and explained to myself the lessons that I was learning as I struggled through difficult situations.  I then realized that the reason I never followed through with a blog is also the reason why I have held myself back from doing so many things.  If it isn’t my focus, then I can never become great at it, and if I’ll never be great, then why even try?

I am deciding to try.  I may not be a master at much, but I have a lot to share.  I am shifting my focus from becoming great to being what I am.  There is so much that I love, and in trying new things I expand this love and learn so much.  So maybe this is a blog about learning.  Perhaps it’s about baking.  I’m sure it will also be about bikes, adventure, dogs, hopefully a DIY project or two, friends, glitter and unicorns, and any number of other thoughts that pop into this active brain of mine.  My intention is for this blog to be whatever it is, and to release any limiting beliefs that get in the way.



Author: PedalsandPastries

Loving the Life I Live, and living a Life of Love! Filling up on bike rides, good food, puppy love, and so much more, and learning life lessons all along the way!

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