I tap the snooze button every morning.  No, worse.  Jefe taps the snooze button for me every morning.  He is already out of bed, coffee made, hitting that snooze button every 9 minutes until I manage to get on my feet.  Every evening I choose the time that I set the alarm, usually somewhere in the middle of the 6 o’clock hour.  I impress myself if I’m out of bed before 7:25.

When I set the alarm each morning, I have aspirations of greeting the morning, sitting with my breath for a few minutes, moving my body with some yoga, writing in my journal while enjoying a cup of coffee, and performing all of the self-care rituals that I should include in my daily routine.  Instead I usually lay in bed, half awake and half asleep, setting myself up to scarf my breakfast and squeeze into work just as I need to be there.

This pattern is having detrimental effects on more than just my morning yoga practice.  I strive to be a trustworthy person; someone who my friends can count on and who can be held accountable.  Every time I tell myself I’m going to do something and don’t follow through, I chip away at my own integrity and my trust in myself.  On the flip side, every time that I do follow through I build that trust.  I trust myself to get out of bed a little earlier, I trust myself to do what I need to do in order to build my endurance on the mountain bike, I trust myself to take care of myself and make healthy choices.  I can do whatever it is I tell myself I want to do!  It’s like my own word to myself had lost meaning, so I didn’t take myself seriously.  I didn’t trust myself.

Flexibility is super important to me.  If I say I’m going to ride for three hours, and a friend calls to invite me out for a hike, I very well may choose friend time over saddle time.  Things comes up, I fall under the weather, plans change for any number of reasons, but mindless ignoring of commitments to myself has come to a halt!  If I say I’m going to do something, I want to trust myself to follow through and do it; to take myself seriously.  So maybe I’ll say “I’m getting out of bed at 6:00 tomorrow morning” less frequently, but when I say it, I mean it!  I am building trust in myself, proving to myself that I have the integrity it takes to follow through with commitments, especially to myself.


Author: PedalsandPastries

Loving the Life I Live, and living a Life of Love! Filling up on bike rides, good food, puppy love, and so much more, and learning life lessons all along the way!

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