I am trying so hard to understand what is going on in American politics.  I hear a rhetoric and an attitude that boggles my mind.  I listen and I read with as open a mind and as open a heart as I can muster.  Do we really want to be a country known for its lack of respect for anything?  Do we really believe that protecting our own rights has nothing to do with protecting the rights of those whose opinions differ from ours?  Do we really want to live in a place where a respectful conversation is not something to practice and cherish?

There would appear to be a large contingent of people in this country who believe that this is the way to “Make America Great Again.”  That if someone’s beliefs, skin color, language or anything at all differ from mine, then “get ‘im outa here.”  That what’s missing from our nation’s core values is bigotry.

What really puts this perspective out of reach for me, is that I don’t think anyone who holds these beliefs would read these words and think that there was anything wrong with them.  It is beyond my grasp to understand a desire for homogeneity, and a blanket intolerance of anything different from oneself.

I hold so true in my heart that actions, opinions, perspectives, etc. do not have to be labeled good or bad.  We don’t have to assign something as positive or negative.  It just is.  It’s just life.  And the way that we relate to whatever life throws at us is really of far greater importance.  But this.  I am reaching so, so deeply into my heart to find compassion and a glimmer of relatability to this perspective.  I really thought that respect was a more universal term.  I would have hoped that we all thought it was pretty important.
I continue to listen and hope that love wins.  So many of us experience generosity, gratitude, love for our neighbors, and respect for all of our differences.  It must be true that the majority of us wish each other well, even if we have different opinions.  We are one nation, humanity, and I hope we realize this soon.


Author: PedalsandPastries

Loving the Life I Live, and living a Life of Love! Filling up on bike rides, good food, puppy love, and so much more, and learning life lessons all along the way!

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